Through The Barricades EP - Vinyl 10" only. Released July 2008 on Aufabwegen.

This is the bomb. You can buy it here. 8 Euros well spent, my friend.

01 - A Youth Sky

02 - Doubleclick Countryside (original 2001 version, with Vibeke Venema on vocals)

03 - Wedding

04 - The Man Who Couldn't Feel (with Joram ten Brink on vocals)

05 - Moth / Stargate

06 - Through The Barricades

Tracks 1 & 2 originally appeared on Staalplaat event promos in the late 90s but were never officially released. Track 3 has been a staple of live shows for years and finally makes its way into your homes. Track 6 is spanking new. Tracks 4 and 5 we cannot explain. A veritable cocktail of the vintage and the... er... volatile.

Strictly Limited Edition: 500 Copies Only!