A free collection of 9 songs that you might have trouble getting anywhere else...

01 - Old Farts Out (with Stewart Home) - an early version of A Tiger High (on Doubleclick Countryside, Lo Recordings 2005). This features an extraordinary vocal by Stewart Home, stolen from the 'Treat The Gods As If They Exist' album on aufabwegen. A complex tale of anarchist revolution breaking out in unlikely circumstances, it's not for the faint of heart.

02 - Remix for PLU - when Vicki Bennett asked us to remix an entire People Like Us album, we found it quite difficult, so we ended up writing a new track based around some of the musical themes, and stealing the best samples. Plus we made the bloke say 'fuck' for comic effect.

03 - Gobsmacked - Remix For Spaceheads - getting the chance to remix our favourite live Spaceheads track for their first album was an honour. You should buy this record, it's a forgotten masterpiece.

04 - Gobsmacked - Alt Version - it's another version.

05 - My Name Is Sugar Caine - the original version as it appears on 'Further Mutations', Lo Recordings.

06 - Orpheus 2 - a teutonic jungle remix of the closing track from Symbols, as it appears on 'Treat The Gods As If They Exist'.

07 - Thompsons Half Time - from the same reel to reel tape we found in a junk shop that brought us the 'football' footage

08 - DAMS Live At Astrolabe 2000 - we played this song a lot live in 2000, but this version at Tim London's Astrolabe club was one of the best captured.

09 - Well Done Hard Luck The Lot - from one of the industrial sequences in Joram ten Brink's film 'The Man Who Couldn't Feel'.