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EP CD 'Doubleclick Countryside' on LOaF, April 2007 Read about it here.

Doubleclick Countryside (one minute edit - you have to pay for this one)


New 10" EP on aufabwegen, 2008. Read about it here

Through The Barricades


Found on a reel of tape at a jumble sale in Weymouth, 2006. Tacked onto the end of a compilation featuring Frank Ifield and Kenn Dodd, was this. It is part of a short collection of poems, seemingly written and performed in private by a spurned lover, probably never meant to be heard. If you have any insights please email us.

Dreams, Dreams, Dreams


Stunning studio material from 1995 to 2000. Available for download in its entirety here now. Read about it here.

01 - Underwater

02 - RolfOD

03 - Pendulum

04 - Ocean Liner

05 - Skiing In The Alps

06 - Vibrators

07 - Vibrators II

Artwork (96k)


Full album download of rare & unreleased tracks: take it, it's free. Read about it here

02 - Remix for PLU

03 - Gobsmacked - Remix For Spaceheads

04 - Gobsmacked - Alt Version

05 - My Name Is Sugar Caine - Original

06 - Orpheus 2

07 - Thompsons Half Time

08 - DAMS Live At Astrolabe 2000

09 - Well Done Hard Luck The Lot

Artwork (150k)