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superfit Survival of the Superfit / Flasher's Therapy. CD Single, Woodenhouse, 2012. Buy! 
Through The Barricades. Vinyl 10" EP, Aufabwegen, 2008. Click image for more details. MP3.
Doubleclick Countryside. CD EP, LOaF Records, 2007. Click image for more details. MP3.
Barbed / Barbed. First album, CD, These Records, 1994. Click image for more details. MP3.
Pocket Reminders / rolf OD. 7" single. elevatorbath records, 2001. Click image for more details. MP3

free download records

Snails: Download here.
Relic & Version: difficult to find Barbed tracks. Download here.



Barbed: unlikely inclusion of the barbed anthem in this history of electro. Hats off to chief compiler David Toop for his (misguided) vision. Booming On Pluto CD, Virgin Records, 1997.
500 lock grooves on one record. Barbed at their most incisive and economical. 500 Lock Grooves By 500 Artists, Vinyl LP only, RRR, 1998. Review.
A Youth Sky: This track is released on vinyl at last on the new Through The Barricades 10". A fabulous electro barnyard stormer that should have been a hit. This compilation also features a rare sighting of the marvellous Muziktoerist. Cocktail, Mini CD, Staalplaat, 1998. Review.
Orpheus 2: a teutonic jungle remix of the closing track from Barbed's debut album. Scary business. Treat The Gods As If They Exist, CD, Auf Abwegen, 1999. More. MP3.
Vibrators: destroy your hi-fi with this piece of guitar & vibrator(s) exotica. United Mutations, CD/LP, Lo Recordings, 2000. More. MP3.
Doubleclick Countryside: Now also released on the Through The Barricades 10". . Vocals by Vibeke Venema. Sound Of Music, Mini CD - promo only (supposedly), Staalplaat, 2001. More.
My Name Is Sugar Caine: version one, super raw. Further Mutations CD/LP, Lo Recordings, 2001. MP3.
Underwater: edited version. Invisible Soundtracks 3, Leaf Records, 2001. Full version now available on Snails.
Vibrators: Jon rehashes an old favourite in his 'best of my compilations' compilation. Fabulous Shit, Lo Recordings, 2002, CD.
We're Doing Well Now: The Fire This Time is a protest album / documentary about Iraq and the US attacks, put together by Grant Wakefield and featuring all your weirdie faves. The Fire This Time, Double CD, Hidden Art Records 2002. Reviews etc.

live recordings

Calling Dick Tracy: strange vintage recording from early gig in These Records shop. Gig was so small you could see the whites of eyes and hear the (many) clicks of the tape machines. At Close Quarters CD, These Records, 1993. Review.

More Barbed jamming from the Berlin festival. Possibly also footage of them jamming with Negativland, Muziktoerist & People Like Us in Linz. Diverse - The Sound Of Music - The Cocktail Event, Double CD, Staalplaat, 1998. Review.
The 'Plunderphonics Allstars' event in Berlin, 1997. Barbed and a host of weird types jammed for hours before a very curious bunch of Berliners. It certainly had it's moments. One side is compiled by Barbed, the other by Public Works. Vinyl LP only, on the elusive & probably illegal Kleptones Records, 1997. Sold out. More.


Gobsmacked. A good track on a marvellous album. Evocative of early Soft Machine, except the Barbed track... Spaceheads, Spaceheads, CD, Dark Beloved Cloud, 1995. MP3.
Barbed4PeopleLikeUs. Should have been a single. An album of People Like Us remixes: Hate People Like Us, CD, Staalplaat / Soleilmoon, 1998. MP3.


The Man Who Couldn't Feel (And Other Tales) by Joram ten Brink, 1996. This film is a kind of anti-koyaanisqatsi. Barbed worked with the director over many years on this. The film gives a particular & personal world view and the music works against any kind of romantic sentiment, so much so that the viewer experiences appropriate alienation. It's fun too. More. Review.




the band

“Barbed, the reclusive black-sheep of the UK experimental family” – from Motion review.